5 awesome romantic places to visit in the U.S

If you’re very young and deeply in love, you surely think or might think to take your soul mate on a trip at some point. If you don’t have a car, you might have the impression that you’re in trouble., but you shouldn’t worry too much though: even if you’re not yet 21, there are still plenty of U.S companies that offer underage denver car rental airport services.


What you really need is good suggestions for places to visit. And here we come in your aid, with our list of 4 awesome romantic places to go to in the U.S:

1. Rhode Island’s Newport


If both you and your pair like the ocean, then Newport might be the perfect place to visit. It offers some of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic that you will ever see in your entire life, believe our words! Plus, the spectacular coastal architecture will take your breath away and keep you mesmerized for the whole duration of the trip. Just make sure you go there during winter because Christmas celebrations and festivities in Newport are worth experiencing!

2. The Winter Park in Florida

Another place we recommend you visit even if you have to use a company that offers underage car rental services is Winter Park. Located in Florida, the Winter Park city is packed with art galleries, museums and plenty of other attractions that you simply cannot afford to miss if you’re in the vicinity! Furthermore, the Winter Park is filled with romanticism and can make a strong impression on your girlfriend or boyfriend if you go there together.

3. Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is known as the Honeymoon Capital for a reason. Year after year (every time in greater number), couples come to visit the sublime sights the place has to offer. And, seriously, let’s not ignore the high-quality restaurants you can go to in the proximity of the Falls. The food and the drinks found there are among the best in New York City. Last but not least, for the gambling aficionados, there’s even a casino available!

4. Tucson, Arizona


One of U.S’ most sublime desert oasis found in the U.S, Tucson is a place where culture and history shake hands together. You can do virtually everything in Tucson:
– you can take a stroll and visit the lovely attractions downtown Tucson has to offer
– you can go hiking and complete one of the many touristic routes
– you can embark on a balloon flight and admire the desert from high above
– you can simply relax in one of the nice and super-comfy resorts in Tucson
No matter what you choose, there’s no way your soul mate won’t appreciate your idea to come to Tucson!We hope we helped you with our suggestions for romantic places worth visiting in the U.S. We strongly recommend you not to be shy and use a company that can provide you with underage car rental services if you have no other option. You’re young only until you get old!

Travel Essential Mobile Apps, and Having the Best Car Rental App.

When  planning  for  a  vacationwe  always  set  our  minds  in  choosing  the  dream  destination  that  we  always  wanted  to  go  toPlanning  everything  meticulouslymaking  sure  that  every  single  detail  is  well  thought  ofNowadaysplanning  our  trips  also  means  that  we  need  to  stackup  on  our  mobile  phones  with  the  musthave’  appsExamples  of  these  apps  are  the  followingViberWhatsAppSkypeSeatGuruKayakTrip  AdvisorXe  CurrencyGoogle  TranslateGoogle  Mapsand  Rental24h.com.
Having  all  these  musthave  apps  on  our  mobile  phone  gives  us  a  better  sense  of  security  that  our  planned  trip  will  be  as  smooth  as  silk.
With  these  planswe  also  need  to  get  a  reliable  mode  of  transportation  when  we  arrive  at  the  airport  or  in  the  main  city  of  our  chosen  destinationSome  people  will  think  that  getting  the  best  deal  when  it  comes  to  car  rental  will  be  a  breezeAfter  carefully  checking  all  the  necessary  information  that  we  needbe  it  by  asking  some  of  our  relatives  or  friends  about  their  experiencewhich  I  can  consider  as  referrals’,  it  is  then  that  we  check  out  what  really  is  the  dealMost  of  the  timewe  check  for  online  reviews  from  previous  customers  so  as  to  get  a  second  opinion’,  so  to  speakWhen  everything  else  checks  outthen  we  decide  to  book  for  a  car  rental  serviceMost  travelers  with  previous  experience  will  always  refer  Rental24h.comIt  only  means  that  these  people  previously  had  the  pleasure  of  using  the  service  of  Rental24h.com  and  had  a  good  experience  in  doing  so.

What  is  Rental24h.com?

Rental24h.com  or  Car  Rental  Near  Me  app  is  a  mobile  application  available  in  Google  Play  app  store  (as  of  writingit  is  not  yet  available  in  Apple  App  Storewith  a  rating  of  4.7  out  of  5  starsIt  allows  you  to  get  the  best  car  rental  deals  on  your  phoneIt  is  carefully  designed  to  suit  the  needs  for  car  rental  services  of  travelersboth  young  and  oldfrom  anywhere  in  the  worldRental24h.com  has  more  than  40,000  locations  in  any  major  airports  and  cities  worldwide.
In  order  to  provide  customers  with  the  best  serviceRental24h.com  continuously  works  every  day  so  that  every  person  that  needs  to  book  a  car  will  have  the  information  ready  with  just  one  tap  on  your  mobile  appRental24h  gathered  all  the  leading  car  rental  providers  in  all  major  locations  anywhere  in  the  globe  so  that  customers  will  have  the  opportunity  to  compare  prices  and  get  the  best  deal  for  their  hard  earned  moneyRentall24h  will  give  you  a  complete  rental  package  so  that  you  will  have  a  journey  that  is  completely  carefree.

Why  avail  the  services  of  Rental24h.com?


Here  are  some  reasons  why  Rental24h.com  is  the  right  choiceRental24h.com  has  the  most  comprehensive  list  of  car  rental  providers  in  all  major  airports  in  major  cities  around  the  worldThis  allows  customers  to  have  a  reliable  source  for  comparing  car  rental  prices  and  booking  it  at  the  best  price  possibleIt  also  includes  reservation  options  in  whatever  location  you  may  be  flying  toAll  type  of  carsfrom  a  sedanto  compactand  even  SUVsand  convertiblesCustomers  will  the  privilege  of  choosing  from  a  wide  variety  of  available  motor  vehicles  from  all  leading  car  rental  suppliers  anywhere  in  the  worldBudgetAvisHertz  are  some  of  the  major  providers  in  the  car  rental  industryBest  deals  are  available  depending  specifically  on  the  customers’  needsWhether  be  it  monthly  or  oneday  rentalyou  will  still  have  the  best  price  there  isOther  options  are  a  oneway  rentalor  same  or  different  pickup  and  dropoff  locationsRental24h  got  you  coveredComplete  information  on  car  rental  agenciespickup  points  and  other  important  information  that  any  traveler  would  need.

What  other  services  does  Rental24h.com  have?


Rental24h.com  also  offers  the  most  comprehensive  car  rental  insurance  policyHaving  this  onboardit  will  make  you  feel  more  secure  to  book  car  rental  thru  themCar  rental  insurance  policy  which  is  purchased  directly  from  their  website  or  app  is  already  represented  for  the  clients  from  every  corner  of  the  globe.
They  also  provide  freebies  and  other  bonuses  from  accredited  vendorsSome  package  includes  GPSadditional  driver  if  needed  and  many  others.

Adding  up  all  these  information  only  makes  Rental24h.com  stand  out  above  the  other  car  rental  app  in  the  market  todayIts  comprehensive  way  of  booking  car  rentals  as  efficient  as  possible  will  give  more  and  more  travelers  the  best  experience  they  will  have  during  their  vacation.

Ideas For Opt for A Resort For Your Solo Business Journey

Well, let’s consider what we really desire to get when choosing a hotel. Indeed, to feel safe in your personal room. You want to be able to work without any distractions. You do not desire to walk five blocks in darkness only to consume a decent supper. And also want to be able to call the primary desk and have the things you need delivered directly to the doorway, at any time of the day. Thats how we stay focused on the bigger picture and exactly how we get things completed as soon as were on the road.


Tips for women who take a trip solo  :



Locate a onestop shop.


A hotel with a cafe, pub, coffee house and also conference areas makes it simple to do things effectively. Take advantage of the meeting room as a neutral space to conduct a business gathering plus the eating venue as an easytoaccess supper gathering spot.


Free shuttle services and also private drivers are great.


With this kind of service, you dont have to worry regarding hiring a car, driving it around not familiar streets, and additionally parking it at near quarters. On top of that, in the event you are going to a business party which will run into the evening, you could make preparations for a pickup to prevent yourself from waiting out of doors and walking home alone. Last but not least, getting to and from the flight terminal got much quicker.


Find an accommodation having a safe and secure entrance hall as well as roomkey activated lifts.


Select a motel that just allows room access through a safe and secure, welllit reception. Search for a spot that’s constantly staffed with reception attendants who recognize anyone who is approaching and going. Admittance to the guest floors ought to require an active room key to confirm only guests have access.


Carefully consider inroom cell phones.




A completely new trend inhiplodges is to remove elementary features just like inroom cellphones. As a female business traveler, possessing a cell phone in the suite could help you save time, when you need to ask the front desk a question, and it’s also undoubtedly practical, if there’s an emergency whilst you are in your suite.


forget to check for no cost, unlimited WiFi.


Totally free plus limitless inroom WiFi admittance ought to be towards the top of the musthave listing. Several motels put a cap on your own daily use. You must select a resort where admittance is unrestricted to avoid shock fees.



The smallest aspects can make a big difference. When youre on the road, theres no excuse for being unfocused or perhaps worse, for feeling dangerous. Selecting the most appropriate motel is the perfect way to do both.

In general A snug accommodation during your journey is one of the most crucial elements of a cheerful and also wonderful holiday getaway. All these tips will definitely make it easier to find the best resort that could satiate your expectations during the adventure. Choosing a superb motel is never a hasslefree procedure, however, if you fully understand where exactly to look to get monetary value, you may just end up receiving the proper accommodation for you personally.


When on vacations one tends to spend time with the rest of the family. Thats when the idea of travel comes to ones mind. Trips to national parks, a visit to the rural areas and journeys through mountain places are organized. Such trips would be long and tidier when using normal cars. 4WD cars will serve you best for these trips as they provide comfort, entertainment and offer larger space for your luggage. In case you are not in a position of buying you can rent your favorite 4WD car at rent24h.com. The list below will give the best 4WD you can use for trips when on your vacation


Toyota Camry


This car when carrying 700 Pounds of passengers and 100pounds of luggage it can climb very steep and rocky rods without losing speed. It also features a roomy interior with very comfortable seats. It can cover a distance of up to 32.5 miles consuming a single gallon. It is therefore economical on fuel. Hence it will serve you best during vacations.


Honda Odyssey


This is a minivan manufactured by the Honda company. The car comes with very comfortable fifth generation seats which can carry up eight people. It also comes with 4G LTE WiFi capabilities installed. The rear cargo area can carry a weeks worth luggage for a family of five. It travels a distance of 22miles consuming a single gallon. It can climb valleys and mountains at ease.


Toyota land cruiser


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Toyota land cruiser"

This car is appropriate for camping because it has a rooftop tent where you can sleep. It also carries very large luggage on its cargo area on its top.it is small in size hence appropriate for driving on narrow streets. It can travel for a distance of 29 miles consuming a single gallon. Appropriate for the muddy and rough roads during a visit to upcountry.


Subaru Impreza


The following feature will make it suited for your vacation.
1)Quiet cabin
2)Comfortable seats and very well bolstered; appropriate for long trips.
3)Comes with fairly large cargo capacity area.
4)Travel a distance of up to 38 miles on highway consuming a single gallon.


Acura RDX


This is a 4WD car which comes with the following features.
1)Posh and spacious interior
2)Supportive and roomy seats making one enjoy long journeys
3)It has a cargo space which is above the average of around 30 cubic feet.
4)Travel a distance of up to 28miles on a single gallon.

With the above 4WD cars you will definitely enjoy your vacation to the fullest. But know you are asking yourself questions as to where to get these cars. Dont worry about their price because you can rent a car at rental24h.com at relatively affordable prices. You will need to provide your personal details before hiring the cars.

5 Ideas For A Perfect Weekend Getaway This Fall

Summer is almost at an end, and it’s time to say goodbye to the sandy beaches and cocktails near the sea. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend crammed up in your home from now on.

Quite the contrary, as the season begins to change, new opportunities for exciting fall weekend trips begin to emerge. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, then you’re going to love the magical scenery of the places we recommend in this article.
Another benefit of fall weekend trips is the fact that they don’t require as much preparation, and are definitely a lot more affordable than trips during the peak summer season.

All you need to do is pack the backs in a trunk of your car and hit the road. Even if don’t have a family vehicle, you can simply one out for the weekend trip online, at sites like rental24h.

With that said…

Here Are Our Top 5 Recommendations For A Perfect Weekend Getaway This Fall

Big Sur, CA

If you’re in Los Angeles or San Francisco, Big Sur is the ideal weekend getaway destination.
This rugged stretch of California’s central coast offers a magnificent view, as well as a myriad of fun & exciting activities.

If you’re an active individual, then we definitely recommend visiting the Pfeiffer Big Sur state park, hiring a hiking tour guide and going on an adventure through the breathtaking mountain range.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library is likewise a place you must visit, for anyone who appreciates art & literature.

While in Big Sur, make sure to grab a bite at the historic Nepenthe. The deliciousness of their food is only complemented by the calm and relaxing atmosphere, and the gorgeous view.

Asheville, NC

Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville offers both beautiful sceneries, as well as an unforgettable mountain vibe.

Asheville is also home to various festivals, which span throughout October and November, and provide visitors with unforgettable experiences.

Culturally rich, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and packed with fun & exciting events, Asheville has something to offer for everyone. You will leave Asheville eager to come back for another visit, and be wishing you could stay a while longer.

Cotswolds, U.K.

If you want to escape the noise of the big city, even for a little while, and long for a day or two where you can just relax and unwind, then Cotswolds is an ideal choice.

Only a short train ride from London, this countryside region sports magnificent scenery, where nature is still allowed to thrive and show off her beauty.

There are several small towns to explore, including popular Chipping Norton, and its quaint counterpart Hook Norton.

There are so many fascinating places you’d definitely want to visit in the Cotswolds, so the best way to explore it is by renting a car at rental24h, and driving through the countryside.
And, of course, don’t forget to visit a local pub for a pint of beer to conclude your visit to the U.K.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is a popular destination among tourists from all over the world, regardless of the time of year.

The appeal of Prague during fall lies in its many music events. The Sacred Arts Music Festival, for instance, runs through the month of September, and features choral, gospel, and other types of sacred music.

You should also be on the lookout for the Prague Autumn music festival, if you’re a fan of classical music.

Also, don’t miss out on the International Jazz Festival in October!

Montreal, Canada

Although only a quick flight away from the U.S. East Coast, Montreal feels like a distant European city.

Perfect for both a romantic weekend, as well as a family trip, this Canadian city has plenty of exciting places to visit and things to do.

Rich with history, Montreal is home to several art museums, which everyone should visit at least once in their life.

For a more casual trip, visit a local café, and enjoy Canadian coffee alongside the iconic bagel from St-Viateur Bagel.

As you might expect, the city is also home to quite a few bars, which are a perfect way to spend the night after you’ve put the kids to bed.

Start Planning Your Weekend Trip Today

The time of vacations and summer breaks is nearing its end. It’s back to work for adults, and back to school for the little ones.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to grow roots and stay stuck in one place till the next summer.

As you’ve seen in this post, there are plenty of options out there, which can make for a perfect weekend getaway trip this fall.

So, what are you waiting for?
Pick a destination, pack your bags, rent a car  and hit the road!